A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford



While others are mired in overanalysis and financial engineering targeting modest profits from prospective hi-tech companies on booming markets, we’re working side by side with innovators to bridge groundbreaking ideas with our expertise to create and grow companies with both our and our investors confidence.


To us, that means pursuing earlier-stage deals with right-sized investments binding together venture “stars” and low-risk opportunities through our careful expertise and hands-on approach to our portfolio. We evaluate early opportunities with deep assurance.

We welcome leading financial institutions, VC and PE firms, family offices and high-net-worth individuals as our partners. We grow net worth for investors by identifying, developing and investing in innovative early-stage companies and special opportunities.


For Founders

  • We look for skilled teams with relevant industry, leadership and entrepreneurial experience as well as knowledge and understanding of how to commercialize and scale up;
  • What we buy as teams is a unique economic value proposition that solves the problem based on proprietary competition advantages;
  • Our companies target markets that are large enough to make the portfolio company to grow fast to a significant size, and ultimately allow for worthwhile liquidity options.

For Investors

  • Our team pays equal attention to technical expertise, financial accounts and hands-on management. We believe that this is where our competitive advantage is;
  • We have transparent portfolio strategy which means control, trust and confidence for our partners: clear engagement, management and exit strategies we discuss with our partners and follow them firmly thereafter;
  • The belief we have is that our venture stories are bout risk control and a non-venture risk value. We are ready to prove it though our history and our portfolio development.



A meeting place and a tool for mobile applications localization

Cancer treatment medical center

An artificial intelligence-based platform
for talent discovery, acquisition and personnel tracking

Watch it

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ContiTrace - the revolution

in blood glucose measurement
in the clinical environment

The next generation

of water treatment technology


Product Identity Management

Traffic Angel

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Game developer


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Musical production

in progress


invents & manufactures
innovative personal evaporative air conditioners and coolers



Is a unique program to move your business to Europe

The benefits
of European economic stability

20 years
successful business experience

Exclusive & reliable

Business development & ambassador service


Michael Hoh

Financial specialist. Creator of alternative investments and structured finance models. Real estate project developer. Enthusiast in distribution and sales of every kind of products. Entrepreneur and founder of different NewCos. Can’t stop to discuss new on- and offline business concepts. Prospectus writer.

Lioudmila Pokhis

Art director. Founder of an advertising agency with a main focus on financial services and the support of start-ups. High level usability tester of everything corresponding with business or technology. Always there to support by subtle, winning on- and offline marketing strategies, brand building, web- and print design. Communication genius.

Vitaly Berzon

Musician and economist. Spend several years in the Silicon Valley. Institution in e-commerce, software development and payment solutions. Launched a successful IPO with his own company, what was the initial personal moment to start life2.0: Deep down in start-up, venture and investment scenarios. Business angel.

Evgeny Levitin

Operations manager. Young enthusiast in the fields of new economy. Experienced in finance, foodtech and hardware development. Profound knowledge and understanding of start-up launching. Deeply involved in creating trendy technologies. Keen on bringing innovative spirit into conservative business models. Market changer.


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